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Kamran Home Theater will design, service and install a Video Security System for residential and businesses using all today’s newest technology and affordable prices.

In today’s world it is imperative to ensure the safety and security of your house. For this purpose, Security cameras are installed in most houses, shopping malls, hospitals and many public places. There are a lot of benefits of these security cameras, some of which are briefed below.

Even when you are away from your house the security cameras do not stop working. So if there is any unwanted incident at your house like a burglary, each and every action of the burglars is recorded and it is easy for the detection of the crime. Some security cameras have accessibility to the internet and it is possible to keep an eye on what is happening at your house when you are not around. Parents get security cameras to ensure that their children are safe and do not get into any kind of unwanted situations when they are not at home.

Security cameras are of great help to keep an eye over your staff at home or outside. You don’t have to personally go and check what is going on everywhere but can observe everything sitting in your room.

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The types of CCTV surveillance system cameras available today and their many features are most impressive ranging from compact, fixed cameras, to direction-controllable models and high-end “intelligent” cameras. The most sophisticated cameras capture the entire dynamic range of a scene regardless of the light conditions, which is very important for poorly lit stations or unlit outside areas.

When it comes to choosing surveillance cameras for a video security system, many people who desire video image capture in low- or no-light settings quickly become confused about whether to purchase a day-night or infrared camera. This section should clear up this all-too-common confusion.

A day-night CCTV camera uses a special imaging chip that kicks into action under low light levels in order to capture images effectively. True day-night cameras do not use any infrared lighting at all, so some ambient light – such as a streetlight or porch light – is necessary in order to capture a clear image at night.

Let us know what your surveillance needs are so that we can help make you choose the right video surveillance system for your home or business.

The ultimate choice of camera for a CCTV surveillance system depends on the job it is required to do. For example, fixed cameras are suitable for platform locations to observe cash register or entering and leaving a building. Dome cameras, with pan, tilt and zoom functions, mounted high up, are ideal for monitoring traffic flows in a public place, while special, vandal-proof reinforced dome cameras should be employed in areas where criminal actions are likely to occur.

Benefits of IP Camera

  • With ip cameras you can watch your property over the internet from your cell phone.
  • Emails with pictures get automatically sent to your phone any time motion occurs.
  • Cameras conform to legal standards for facial recognition.
  • Business owners can watch their cash registers, workers, and customers comfortably from any where.
  • Landlords can affordably watch all of their properties.
  • With Smart infrared Cameras you can easily watch your property when there is no light.

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